Waffle House Menu With Prices Updated List 2019


Planning a kids party? Looking for choices that can excite them? Do you also want to treat the taste buds of elders with interesting food options? America’s premier restaurant chain wants to serve you!

Kids are crazy about pastries and desserts. Not to forget, waffles keep kids drooling and you have a wonderful place that serves the best of all these food choices and that is Waffle House. This restaurant hosts a range of food products including desserts, wraps, cheese combos, and breakfast and dinner meals. It is possible to have a bite at just $2. Sounds interesting, right? You can throw a party keeping a budget of $10 per head and with affordability, there is quality as well.

Let’s dive into what this restaurant offers and nutritional information.

Waffle House menu with prices

Unlike restaurants that encourage you to personally visit and place an order, Waffle House allows you to glance the menu from where you are and place an order. From breakfast to steaks to waffles to eggs to grilled biscuits to hashbrowns to value additions, there is more Waffle House offers to its customers. Additionally, it lets you make your own burger or bowl with a range of toppings.

Menu Item Price
All-star special $7.50
Cheese toddle house omelet $5.45
Pecan waffle $3.55
Bacon egg and cheese Texas melt $4.65
1 egg breakfast and drink $4.00
Kid’s waffle with bacon or sausage $4.25
Hamburger $3.10
Garden salad $3.15
Pecan waffle and drink $5.00
Hold the yolks omelet $0.50
Papa Joe’s Pork Chops (2 Chops) $8.40

Further to the fantastic taste, the catering menu is popular because of the quality that has been prominent in the food market of America. It is present in almost every state located in America and the massive success is also due to the sides it offers. There are too many options including tater tots, fries, potato salad, yeast rolls, coleslaw and vegetable sticks. These options can fulfill the taste expectations of everyone.

What if you are planning for a complete kids party? Begin with the venue and entertainment aspects. Ensure that you have enough fun elements to keep the kids engaged. Begin the delicacy with a food product from the value dollar menu like grilled biscuit and jelly or sandwich. Alternatively, you can go ahead directly with the kid’s meals that include waffle with bacon or cheeseburger with hashbrowns. This will cost you about $4.25. Treat kids with beverages like hot chocolate or ice-cold milk or lemonade. This costs you another $1.80. For another $1, you can order different toppings and encourage kids to add as they wish. This can improve the overall experience and kids will treat it as a game.

At the moment, the total cost has come to $7.05. You may order at this budget. If you have a better budget, you should not miss melts and steaks. They taste really delicious and can also be light upon consumption. Now that we have discussed what to serve kids, the next step is to find out what you can pick for elders.

Plan a simple treat that includes a melt with hashbrowns. You can find out the available options under the most popular meals. These fill the stomach and heart as well. Do not miss to include a hot beverage at the end. All of these fall under $10. This can complete the entire menu. The signature dish, waffles, should never be missed. This is amazing, isn’t it?

Waffle house menu reviews

You must have noticed the versatility of Waffle House to fulfill the food needs throughout the day. However, you need to know what customers feel about the brand so you can make a better decision.

To event organizers, $1 cheeseburger is the most favorite and kids adore the taste. This is affordable as well as lets everyone enjoy the delicacy. In case you are looking to dine at the restaurant, you may enjoy the ambiance and jukeboxes. The ambiance is attractive and soothing so that people feel at home while at this eatery. Likewise, jukeboxes keep the outlet engaging.

Customers appreciate the way the brand strives hard to serve them even in emergency situations. Whether you order at the eleventh hour or there is a sudden problem in the market that has resulted in a demand-supply gap, this brand still serves you without giving reasons. It is this reliability that has built a relationship with customers.

There is one more good thing about Waffle House. If you are planning to host a non-profitable event that can benefit the underprivileged, you are offered discounts on your bill. As the brand frequently engages in community giving, this can be a collaborative effort too.

How to order

Waffle House menu with prices seems affordable and encourages anyone to throw a party despite the budget constraints. The brand serves 24/7. So, you can feel free to order anytime.

If the number of guests is limited, you can directly visit and purchase from the special food truck. Otherwise, you may order via telephone. Find out the nearest diner and then place your order.

Find out the happy hours and order today!

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