Safeway Catering Menu Prices 2019 Update!!

The popular supermarket chain in America, Safeway, offers an extraordinary catering menu with a range of options to fulfill all kinds of cuisines. As this restaurant chain is already selling bakery, seafood, dairy, and frozen foods, it has become a lot easier to serve large quantities at even short notice time. When you have a conference scheduled or some other personal gathering where you need an excellent range of dishes to be served, look no further and just hop on to Safeway catering and place your order.

If you are looking for the reason, you will know it shortly as you go through the menu.

Safeway catering menu

Fresh foods always have the market. Further, foods apt for specific seasons are always of interest to the audience. You cannot offer dessert to your party guest on a winter day. Safeway catering menu has a solution for the same. From snack tray to sandwich tray to meat varieties to fruit platters to pastries, you have everything that your guests will love. The best part about the menu is it works for as low as 8 guests.

Menu Item Price
Celebration cakes $12.99
16″ cookie platter (69 servings) $14.99
16″ Gourmet roll platter (15 servings) $9.99
Mediterranean Medley medium tray $49.99
Mediterranean Medley large tray $69.99
Fruit and fine cheeses medium tray $49.99
Fresh fruit platter small tray $24.99
Chicken snack pack (small, 6-8 servings) $34.99
Chicken snack pack (medium, 10-16 servings) $49.99
Salami snacker (large, 18-24 servings) $64.99

Don’t you think the products are affordable too? They absolutely are! And, it is possible to bring different cuisines on the same bowl with the support of Safeway catering.

Safeway catering customer reviews 

Though the menu is amazing and too much to handle, it is important to know what customers have felt in the past and the best and worst about the brand to decide for your occasion accordingly.

  • Fruit and veg trays go almost with any occasion. If your guests are on a diet, your occasion need not be their cheat day. They are excellent appetizers that guests would like to snack on.
  • Customers find that it is easier to decide what one needs as the menu is basic and easy to understand. Meat and cheese platters are supposed to be the favorites of customers.
  • Customers have found that simple foods of Safeway come with taste. This is probably the reason for its success track since its evolution.
  • La Petite Croissant sandwiches and Mediterranean Medley are the highest selling trays. In the case of sandwiches, they are filled with interesting fillers like roast beef, ham, and turkey and coated with cheese, lettuce, and mayo. The tray size serves between 16 and 30 guests. On the other hand, Mediterranean Medley serves between 8 and 16 guests and has 2 wraps. It includes turkey, red pepper, pita chips, artichoke hearts, and a Mediterranean dip.
  • Over the years, customers of Safeway have always appreciated the accessibility to the supermarket to place orders just like WalMart catering. Due to its widespread presence, there is literally no difficulty in finding a Safeway store where you can place your order and get back the products.

Party planning with Safeway

Here comes the interesting part of offerings by Safeway. If you think Safeway is just meant to fulfill your catering need, you are wrong. It has a lot more and you will come to know in this section.

  • Find out what your party guests would prefer. You need to decide the percentage of vegetarian and meat products to serve on the party date. Choose the party platter accordingly – sushi /sandwich/fruit platter and even deli sample packages.
  • The supermarket also stocks party supplies like balloons, greeting cards, flowers, hats and dining utensils that you can purchase for the event along with the catering products. This will save a lot of money. When you hire a professional event planner for your event, it is acceptable to take the service but you can purchase products you like and use them. This will increase your attachment to the event. If you have not yet sought external support, then hopping into Safeway store is just enough to plan it from pin to plane.

Excited? Know about the company in the next section and then take your decision.

All about Safeway

Having known what the brand offers and what others like about the brand, it is high time that you know a bit about the background of the brand. This creates the trust factor and eliminates the stress that is created as the occasion date nears.

  • The brand entered the market in the year 1915. So, it’s over a century of existence and this is enough for you to know the expertise that it holds in the field.
  • Safeway achieved the 4th position in the list of top 75 food retailers in North America. This is based on the sales rate and customer satisfaction value.
  • It is supposed to be the 2nd largest supermarket chain present in North America.
  • There are over 2,400 stores run by Safeway and the services are nearly similar in all of them. This displays consistency and trustworthiness of the firm.

If you find this deal great, grab it from the website. Also, do check out Marco’s Pizza Menu

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