Kroger Catering Menu 2019 Updated List!


Think of a party or an urgent need for food, look no further. Place your order at Kroger!

Well, Kroger Company is supposed to be the oldest food store and is 140 years old. It has gained authority in the fields of catering and grocery. With over 2,600 branches and rich expertise in serving what customers need, Kroger is one excellent solution to relish a wonderful food experience.

Whenever we call for a quick event or even a grand occasion, food plays a major role. Unless the food quality and diversity speak for itself, it is impossible to create the desired experience and make the guests feel the richness. This way, Kroger tops the list with its reliable food quality and a range of dishes.

Let’s say you have a college event nearing and you are running short of cash but still did not want to call off. You just have one thing to do which is to choose the best option to arrange decor, food and communicate to the guests. While decor options are huge and handy, you only have to focus on food.

All about Kroger catering menu

Krogers is probably the most favorite choice by event organizers due to the convenience and range it offers. If you have a sudden need for food for a large number of guests, you can blindly go ahead with Krogers as the firm prioritizes quality and works exactly based on the specifications shared by the customer.

Starting from the appetizer in the catering menu, it has excellent platters that range between $9.99 and $34.99. They totally delight your taste buds. The brand has delicacies to treat you throughout the day. So at any moment in the day, you can rush to Kroger and purchase all that you need for the event. If the number is huge, you may have to avoid last-minute rush and place an order a couple of days in advance.

Coming to breakfast, there are healthy options like fruit and granola platter and for continental cuisines, it has breakfast bread platter and Mini Danish platter. The lowest price is $6.99 and is for donut hole platter and strudel bites platter. Deli platters of Kroger are extremely popular. Unlike other restaurants that have limited options and charge hefty prices, Kroger differs in the point that it has over 10 Deli platters in different sizes. Assorted rolls platter and butter croissant platter are placed at the lowest amounts of $8.99. On the other hand, there is a 14″ medium platter Boar’s head international cheese priced at $69.99.

Boar’s Head Deli platters are the highest selling products of Kroger. There are also exclusive platters for kids, sandwich lovers, salad lovers and lots of small platters with different combinations. The best part about the exclusive range of platters is the availability. Most of them are available at all times and at all outlets. Hence, you only need to find out the audience age category and decide the platter accordingly.

If it is a corporate event, you should go with appetizers, salads, Deli platters, and desserts. Cookies at Krogers are popular and it is important that you do not miss it.

Menu Item Price
Fiesta dip platter $19.99
Mini Danish platter $14.99
Condiments platter $19.99
Cubed meats and cheese platter $32.99
Mini cookie platter $9.99
Signature muffin platter $14.99
Soft top cookie platter $7.99
Dirt and worms kit platter $19.99
Mozzarella tomato salad $14.99
Tea sandwiches $24.99
Unbreaded Boneless Wing Party Pan $24.99

Kroger catering menu reviews

Whenever we make a decision in life, we always look for its worthiness. Value for money is essential so one can trust the brand and place the order. In the case of Kroger, it is this trust that has taken it to a long way. People trust the brand for 2 reasons – food quality and service quality.

People call the pricing of foods listed in the Kroger catering menu as reasonably priced. You can find meals ranging between $5 and $50 depending on what you need. Hence, this pretty much reduces your financial burden. On the other hand, people find the juicy chicken available at Kroger catering menu as an excellent dish and a must-have in a buffet.

If you do not want lass minute fuss and prefer to have a hassle-free experience until the event is over, you can rely on this brand. Unfortunately, there is no delivery option available. As soon as you order, you may have to pick it up and you can call this as a drawback when picking it up on your own is a hassle. However, it is extremely easy to order and get your food ready. Plus, ordering on the website allows customers to share the location, event date and, time and food specifications so it can be prepared accordingly.

How to plan corporate events with Kroger

While it is absolutely easier to plan informal events, there is always a challenge in organizing a corporate event as it imposes a lot of restrictions on food variety, serving method, diet restrictions, meeting theme and budget.

With Kroger, you can plan it in a better way by following simple tips.

  • Begin your event planning with the head count. Always add 5 to the total number so you have enough food on the event date.
  • Decide the budget before you reach out to Kroger menu. This is to let you preplan!
  • Identify the purpose and theme of the meeting. If it is a conference, you may have to be more specific about the menu, platters, table behavior, and other dining accessories.
  • Fix the schedule and inform Kroger 3 days prior. This ensures no last-minute delays or reasons to deny the service.
  • Now, this is an important tip. Decide between buffet and wait staff service. If you prefer the latter, you may have to arrange within your team as Kroger doesn’t offer the same.
  • Then come the menu and diet specifications.

Feel free to choose from the menu listed above and you can be aware of what to expect from Kroger. Since the catering menu of Kroger is already popular in the town, your guests at the event shall definitely leave the place with happy minds and a stomach full. This perhaps fulfills your desire and improves your event organization skills rapidly.

What are you looking out for? Order now!

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