Jimmy Johns Catering Menu With Pricing 2019


Are you expecting the arrival of guests in short notice? Having too much to prepare? Now, keep them aside. We have a better plan for you.

The top reason for a get-together to fail is because of excess time spent at the kitchen thereby leaving you exhausted by the time the guests arrive. It actually affects the overall experience and also your health. If you do not want to fall in this category, you need to turn smart and plan the cuisine.

If it is just a get-together with light foods or snacks, there is nothing better than Jimmy John’s range of offerings. Being a sub sandwich brand present in 40 states, it gives a tough competition to other brands like Subway. Jimmy John’s sticks to subs that are usually of the length of 8 inches. This consistency has actually brought it to the limelight. So, how will this brand help you organize the get-together better? Does it guarantee a stress-free experience? Read more in this post.

Jimmy Johns catering menu

Having said that it is a sub sandwich restaurant, it does not offer salads or soups. Instead, it offers plain/gourmet sub sandwiches. There are also sides and drinks like chips, cookies and soft beverages for you to explore. There is an exclusive party platter that lets you mix and match the sub with suitable sides and present with cookies to your guests.

The best part is the menu is completely likable by kids too. Hence, you do not have order separately for your guests based on the age group. This saves a lot of your money and time. All you need to do is take the headcount, allocate a budget and proceed with the order.

Eager to know the menu? Here you go!

Menu Item Price
Mini Jimmys (12) $30.99
Mini Jimmys (24) $60.99
6 pack cookies $10.50
Pickle bucket $6.00
Ice tea (1 gallon) $6.00
Party platter (15 1/3 sandwich) $29.99
Party platter (30 1/3 sandwich) $56.99
Veggie club $10.99
Coke Large Fountain $1.75
Root Beer Regular Fountain $1.50
Totally Tuna (4 minimum) $7.95

If you ask us what sells more and the best products not to be missed from their menu, we would tell you that Jimmy chips are way too famous. Though it is a side dish, the individual bag of Jimmy chips costs only $1.45. With about 5 flavors like thinny, BBQ, jalapeno, regular, salt, and vinegar, we feel that you can order one in each of the flavors and add flavors to your party.

Get-togethers do not always happen in the evenings. Sometimes, they can happen in the noon and you need to act intelligently by preparing individual box lunches. This lunch box gives you an option to choose slim, club or sub of your choice, giant cookie, pickle, and a carry box. Slim varieties include tuna salad, roast beef, ham and cheese, turkey breast, salami, and double provolone and each of these costs as low as $8.49.

If you do not want to plan too much and waste your time, you can simply take up the party platters. All of them are individually packaged and serve between 12 and 24 guests. Of course, this shall suffice your guests and in fact, give them an excellent experience. Such is the taste and quality of sub sandwiches and party foods offered by Jimmy Johns.

Delivery option

We said you enough about the offerings. But, how do you get them? Let’s talk about the delivery process.

The brand has scored in the market especially because of the ease in the delivery method. Customers are free to pick up from the restaurant or request Jimmy Johns to deliver at your place. The super fast delivery irrespective of the size of the order makes it trustworthy. However, the quality and taste are not compromised. Isn’t this totally impressive?

Meanwhile, remember that you should place the order one day prior if the size is large. In case it is a small order, just order 2-3 hours earlier so you can have it fresh, hygienic and hot.

Jimmy Johns reviews

Jimmy Johns offers competitive pricing to all its products. Further, customers are completely free to choose fillings based on taste, budget, and interest. Hence, customers find the overall experience satisfactory as you do not have the interference of the human resources at the firm.

Out of several sub sandwich restaurants in the market, Jimmy Johns has scored high due to the fresh and deliciously served products at the lowest turnaround time.

On top of these reviews, what stands out is the luxury offered by Jimmy Johns to its customers in creating sandwiches based on food cravings of individuals. Right from flavors to style to taste, food cravings of your guests have got a handy solution.

Even if you have a party guest who prefers to take up a plant-based sandwich, Jimmy Johns still has a solution for it. It alters the ingredients accordingly and customizes the existing party platter. This customization is widely liked by the loyal customers of Jimmy Johns.

Roots of Jimmy Johns

As you were reading this post, did the thought of ‘why to order from this brand’ strike in your mind? We have an answer to it. There are several sub sandwich restaurants with impeccable delivery options and taste to serve the guests. Yet, Jimmy Johns is special and we can even term it ‘extraordinary.’

It all started in the year 1985 when the brand began to step into the market and position its ‘customer satisfaction’ value strategy to its customers. From offering free samples to delivering to homes and universities or even nooks and corners of the city, the brand has never failed to fulfill the need of the customer.

Today, the brand runs over 3,000 stores but if you look at the operational model, the catering menu is consistent and upgrading every day based on the market demands. The brand also tries to offer coupons and customer appreciation days to offer more values to the customers. These let you save money when you are already planning to place a big order.

The brand has come a long way but the quality has only been on the improvement phase and it strikes a balance between the price and the product quality so customers do not leave dissatisfied.

It’s time to relish those sub sandwiches, order them quick!

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