Del Taco Menu Prices 2019 – Updated List!!


If you ask the best restaurant in town that sells Mexican cuisine, the answer is unanimous and is Del Taco. When the firm started in the year 1964, it was known to be one of the taco restaurants but just on the opening day, tacos were sold like hotcakes. With a breaking sales number of 1000 tacos on day 1, Del Taco has carried its legacy till date. For any person who likes Mexican cuisine, Del Taco is where you should head on to.

From burritos to quesadillas to tacos, there are a lot more options for you to explore as you hop into the eatery. The popular bean and cheese burrito accompanied by red/green sauce is still the most liked dish on the Del Taco menu. Whether you are planning to dine in with your family or order Mexican cuisines for an upcoming event, you can trust this brand for a number of reasons.

Del Taco catering specialty

The brand is known for its quick turnaround time. It does not believe in letting customers wait to taste the product. The brand serves dishes quickly and allows customers to enjoy Mexican flavors instantly. When it comes to catering plan for an event, there is also an option where customers can customize the taste and cuisines based on the occasion. Whether it has to be spiced up or not, one can directly convey to the customer representative of Del Taco.

The other aspect that Del Taco is famous for is value creation. Every person who spends money towards a food product has to feel that it is worthy and the brand works towards the same mission. As a result, it sources fresh ingredients and never compromises on the quality. Additionally, the customizable combos offered to the customers make the whole experience even exciting.

The final aspect is the budget-friendliness. Give Del Taco your budget, they come up with a solution to cater to the same. Sometimes, the brand takes an extra step to thank the customers with interesting promos like buy one taco and get one free. This is a money saver deal that saves huge money for event planners. How about organizing an event that also lets you save money and have unlimited fun? Del Taco lets you do that!

Del Taco menu with prices

Having said that Del Taco serves traditional Mexican cuisine, it does not mean that it is outdated. The dishes are customized and served in American style so people love all the fusions. For instance, you can find deluxe taco salad and bacon Del cheeseburger.

What is even interesting about Del Taco’s catering menu is the DIY style. When you plan to order from this brand for your special day, it recreates an interesting experience with the DIY concept. You can make tacos and burritos bowls in the style you wish. Tired of making one for you? You can also share specified requests to the customer representative and they are fulfilled.

Menu Item Price
Nachos $1.29
Carne asada street taco $2.29
Del combo burrito $3.19
Del beef burrito $3.29
Epic grilled chicken Fajita burrito $5.29
Mini bacon quesadilla $0.79
Del cheeseburger $2.29
Soft drink $2.39
8 Layer Veggie Burrito $3.09
Salsa Verde Nachos (Limited Time) $1.00
Chili Cheddar Fries $2.99

Have you been thinking about the reason to recommend this brand? We were blown away by the per head pricing. While the majority of the restaurants charge you about $10-15 per person, Del Taco stands unique in letting you pay a maximum of $6.99 per person.

If you order a full-service buffet for your business meeting or even a special occasion including hundreds of people, the brand charges you $6.99 per head and it needs a minimum of 25 guests. This full-service buffet will include tortillas and taco shells, seasoned beef, nachos, and cheese. You can choose toppings of your choice like slow-cooked beans, diced tomatoes, guacamole, sour cream and, assorted sauces made exclusively by Del Taco. It requires 48-hour notice and Del Taco takes the responsibility to set the table for you and then dismantle post the event.

On the other hand, there is also a party pack that is meant to serve both small and large crowds at a price of $4.99 per head. You only have to order 3 hours in advance but you are charged additionally for delivery. However, you can still order sides separately like nachos and cheese, chips and salsa, cookies. The special combo of 2 burritos for $5 is excellent for burritos lovers.

If you are still running short of budget, go for the buck and under the menu in the catering option of Del Taco. There are options like mini cheddar quesadilla, bean and cheese cup, chicken roller, double beef classic taco, brewed iced tea, and real strawberry lemonade. All of these are priced in the range $0.59-$1.00. The quantities are just sufficient to fill your appetite anytime. There are premium meals, special desserts and kid’s special meals that excite the customers.

Nutritional facts of Del Taco menu

Having vegetarian and non-vegetarian platters in the catering menu of Del Taco, it does not disappoint plant-based food lovers. It has an exciting menu to serve them as well. Looking at the nutritional facts of foods available at Del Taco, it is clear that the brand keeps it transparent and places health benefit first. Some of the most nutritious foods available at this outlet include crunchy value taco, breakfast taco, avocado veggie bowl, chips and queso, cinnamon churro and gold peak iced tea.

If your event is planned for breakfast, avoid salty foods and meat fillings. Del Taco’s salad options are rich in protein. So, you can have them on your menu at any time of the day. You may have to avoid least nutritious foods like loaded nachos carne asada, epic steak and potato burrito and queso crunchy taco. If there are guests who are diet-specific, scroll through the vegan, diabetes-friendly, low-carb and gluten-free options from the menu.

Any event organizer would like to hear good feedback from the guests! Del Taco makes it possible by advising you the list of nutritious foods based on the age group and diet interests of the guests. It is quick, easy and economical.

If you have limited time to plan for the event, you need not have to worry about food since Del Taco is there to serve!

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