Costco Catering Menu With Pricing Updated 2019


Entertainment and Costco go hand in hand. When you think of entertainment for the weekend, look no further. Head to Costco, purchase all the supplies and enjoy endlessly! Costco Wholesale Corporation has a number of outlets where you get supplies of top brands at an inexpensive price. Being the second-largest retail as well as wholesale store in the year 2015, Costco catering is now becoming popular.

The specialty of Costco catering menu

If you ask why this store is special, it is possible to list numerous reasons. Firstly, Costco’s deli trays are way too popular and include prawn platter, sandwich platter, chicken wing platter, and meat and cheese platter. Irrespective of what your budget is, you can find a suitable yummy platter at this store. For instance, the most expensive Bulgarian sturgeon caviar is available here and on the contrary, you can find Royale white sturgeon caviar.

Secondly, it is possible to order other catering supplies like drinks, paper towels, loaves of bread, party plates at the same store and at a better price. Thirdly and our favorite aspect of Costco catering menu is the possibility to host a party under $50. Sounds amazing, right?

While Costco already offers a pool of ideas for people to choose from its supplies, there is also an option for people to order a meat and cheese platter at $26.99, vegetable tray at $9.99 and finally, a pie at $11.99. The best part about these varieties is the impeccable quality associated with them. All those foods you eat at the food court of a local Costco store can be ordered for the party too and this answers to your craving.

Menu Item Price
Sandwich platter (9 serve) $29.99
Large cheese pizza $8.00
Hot Dog $1.50
Berry Smoothie $1.50
Chicken Caesar Salad $3.99
Artisanal cheese collection $99.99
Daniele Mini Charcuterie Assortment $59.99
Latte Mocha Freeze $1.50
Hot Turkey & Provolone Sandwich $3.99
Pizza by the slice $1.99
Churro $1


If Costco is your choice to celebrate the upcoming event, here are a few things to know about their foods and what to order without fail.

Beginning with the main course, smoked chicken is a commonly ordered food. On the other hand, if your concern is to please the visiting crowd, order take and bake pizza at just $8.99. In both cases, you can cover the needs of the crowd and also give them a wonderful experience.

If you prefer to order a party platter to all your guests and that, you have guests from varied age groups, it is a good idea to choose a combination of croissant sandwich platter (vegetarian), shrimp platter (seafood), meat and cheese platter (non-vegetarian). The best part is you can cater to a crowd of 16-24 members in these platters at just $26.99-$39.99.

Are kids your major party guests? Do you prefer healthy foods? Plan your special day differently. Simply purchase vegetable platter or freshly cut fruit platter and let your guests enjoy the freshness and richness in taste and quality. Not to forget, you can also order a lot of pies.

Costco is popular for its pastries. Whether you order the rest of the platters mentioned above or not, never miss ordering cakes. At the price offered, the cakes are definitely worth and will leave your taste buds drooling. Thinking what the price is? You can serve 48 guests at just $18.99 per sheet cake.

There are readymade designs for all major events and birthdays. However, if you have a specific requirement and design in mind, you can still request a customized design. Not a fan of cakes? Go ahead with cookie platters or pies. Since it is a wholesale store, people might assume that food platters are made in prior and not fresh. However, this is false. Every time there is a new catering order coming up, Costco ensures that ingredients are readily available and the turnaround time to deliver the products is really quick. Perhaps, the foods are fresh, healthy and tasty.

Ordering process

Customers can place the orders directly via a phone call or in person or by visiting the Orders tab on the website. Due to a large number of stores available, you are never in short of access to your most favorite delicacies. If it is a large event, you may have to order 48 hours prior.

Is your event likely to get called off? You still have a cancellation policy in place to get back the money you paid. It is this customer satisfaction policy that has let the brand to cater to wide audience groups in large volumes.

Costco’s special party tips

As a majority of event planners or organizers prefer Costco to purchase all the requirements in one go and also save money, Costco has already come up with a few party ideas to make it an entertaining and a memorable experience worth the lifetime.

  • It is important to ensure that your guests never return empty-handed. Instead of purchasing expensive return gifts that can easily be forgotten, Costco catering menu already includes a gift pack that has multiple samplers and also smocked sockeye salmon. You can gift them and develop the relationship.
  • According to Costco, outdoor entertainment for adults is incomplete without booze. In order to have a fun mixer for the cocktails, you can directly purchase LaCroix and then mix it up with beverages. Say cheers with cheerful faces! Or if you feel that beer can only fulfill your guests, go ahead with a case of Corono or Bud Light and load your home bar with these bottles. This adds completeness to your party.
  • Costco says a big NO to regular dishes that are just boring to eat every time. Alternatively, you can order an assortment of dishes if your event headcount is high. This lets you create a customized platter option and also display a token of love to all your guests.

In general, organizing a party comes with a lot of unknown obstacles and last-minute headaches. It is extremely difficult to find everything in one place but Costco now comes as a blessing to those who wanted to have a peaceful arrangement and also save enough money at the end. Your party remains complete in terms of food, hygiene, gifts, and your guests feel complete in terms of experience and memories.

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