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When you plan to organize a function like a wedding or even a get-together, what worries the most to the event organizer is neither venue nor the number of guests but the food matters the most. As guests arrive hungrily to your occasion, you may have to serve them the best food that shall let them enjoy the taste and create memories forever. Did this sound more like your own story? Then, we have identified an excellent solution for you that will relieve you from worries and give your guests a pleasant experience. In fact, we strongly believe that you will love our find too.

Amazing Chipotle catering menu

Chipotle is popular for selling fancy casual food products that are Mexican-inspired and yummy. From great prices of tacos to burritos to salads and finger-licking bowls, meats, sofritas, chicken steak carnitas, carnitas barbacoa, carnitas, Mexican, awesome fajita veggies, burrito, big spreads the catering menu has everything that will leave your party guests to want more of them in person. The best about the Chipotle catering menu is there is nothing too much to remember as it has a simple menu with sufficient options for you to choose from.

The catering services are provided in the entire region of the United States and the catering menu includes all those products that you find in the usual dining option. Since the brand believes in making use of top-notch quality ingredients, the food options can be quite expensive. Still, there is a fun element attached to it.

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Eager to know what? Chipotle restaurant catering allows customers to create tacos and bowls with essential ingredients based on the choice. Instead of offering you readymade bowls with ingredients that some of your guests might not like and just waste the platter, the fun element in creating your own bowl can leave everyone to cherish the experience. In fact, kids can also learn to prepare bowls. As a result, there is an interesting takeaway from your event.

Menu Item Prices
Burritos by the box(Price/head) $8.75
Two meat spread (Price/head) $12.00
Three meat spread (Price/head) $13.50
Chips salsa spread (10-15 servings) $40.00
Chips salsa spread (15-20 servings) $55.00

This Mexican-inspired brand believes that catering does not just stop with providing food but also offering a complete package including napkins, chafing dishes, utensils, and stands along with the food. So, the event planner does not have to spend on that part. With taste and experience, Chipotle believes in hygiene and comfort.

So, is the catering menu restricted to just tacos and burritos? Yes, but the outcome is magical. With yummy spreads, your guests shall definitely not waste the food. Even if your guests are new to this cuisine, it is still worth to go ahead with this catering menu. They can explore variations and create bowls of their interests.

Chipotle catering menu reviews

Since you cannot take chances in choosing food provider for your event, we believe that you should hear customer’s experiences and decide your preference.

  • As catering happens just in front of your eyes, the dining experience is extraordinary to most of the guests.
  • With its strong presence in over 2,000 locations in Canada, UK, US, France, and Germany, the consistency and quality have never differed.
  • It serves for 6-200 guests. So, be it small or big, Chipotle aims to create a hassle-free experience with the right choice of food that can suit your event.
  • Here comes the best part of the catering that you should know! Chipotle catering menu does not involve frozen or artificial ingredients. Instead of deep-frying, the brand follows the traditional cooking method which is healthy and tasty too.

Customers enjoy the create-your-own bowl/taco option as this gives enough meat choices to choose from and also fajita veggie – the healthier option to pick. For the experience and quality of the foods, a lot of customers have called it worth and affordable. Burritos box begins at $8.75 and spread at $12. With the packaged food, customers also receive a manual to set up the products and fix table cards accordingly. This is perhaps the most interesting part.

Instead of hiring an event planner to set up the table for guests and ensure cleanliness in the surrounding, you can just do it yourself with the table card and manual. It is fast, easy and time-saving. If we were in your place, we would definitely say YES to this option. Who doesn’t want a stress-free dining experience at the event?

How to order

Chipotle evolved in the market in 1993 when the market had limited stores. So, you can be confident in the experience and expertise of people in preparing products for your event. If Chipotle is your choice of brand, then it is important to know about the delivery option.

One can place the order directly by ringing 1800-244-7685 or even by visiting the outlet and grabbing the products. With all our busy schedules, it can be hectic to visit the store personally. If you have a smartphone or an iPhone, just download Chipotle mobile app and place the order.

If your event is scheduled at the last minute and you have less time to plan the catering, just leave it to Chipotle. It serves same-date order too for smaller groups. However, for catering over 20 people, you need to give them 24-hours notice.

Does the brand deliver the products to you? Unfortunately, not yet. You may have to either pick them up yourself or involve a local delivery agent to pick up and deliver at the venue of your choice.

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Things to know

  • Chipotle is probably one of the top brands to offer vegetarian just like Walmart Catering Menu, non-vegetarian and vegan options in the menu.
  • Even at the eleventh hour, the brand stays accountable to serve you the best. Chipotle has hardly faced complaints and this is just sufficient to tell you why the brand outperforms because of its quality.
  • This is one of the best Mexican fast-food brands that follow authentic ingredients and serve as per its slogan – food with integrity.
  • When customers share the purpose of the event – anniversary, graduation ceremony, birthday party or business conference, the human resources share the best package that can suit your need. They also maintain transparency in delivering what you need within the budget as said by you.

Go ahead and place your order now!

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