Bob Evans Menu and Recent Prices 2019 Update!


Home away from home is a feeling that one never wants to miss out! Sometimes, when it is an informal party where you will have people from varied age groups assembling for the day, you definitely have to prioritize the food quality. Especially, when your party guests include elderly people, you either need to prepare foods on your own or purchase from a trustworthy vendor. Is this your concern too? We have a wonderful pick!

Bob Evans, a casual American restaurant chain, specializes in home-style meals served throughout the day. From meals to sandwiches to goodies to salads, the restaurant prioritizes the health of the guest first. Does this interest you? Then, you should read further to know how Bob Evans catering works and reasons to order from this brand and set yourself free.

The specialty of Bob Evans catering

When you look at the menu card of Bob Evans, you have almost all the items that an average person eats on a day. Be it a social gathering or a family event, the catering menu can certainly please the crowd.

The first reason for us to suggest this brand is the authentic home-style food. In other words, the brand does not entertain chemicals, preservatives, and any other harmful ingredients. Further, the traditional cooking process followed by the firm ensures that maximum nutrients retain in the meal consumed. Hence, it is way too healthy than one can even imagine.

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The second reason is the choice of fresh veggies and other ingredients to prepare meals. Though it is a large brand serving across the United States, Bob Evans catering division has never failed to use only fresh ingredients. This farm to table concept is a great hit and adds value to the process.

Like Bob Evans founder always says that everybody is somebody in this firm, the brand places customer satisfaction on top priority. Hence, it includes as many customer service elements as possible like hospitality, gifts and customizable platters.

Customers in the past have so far displayed satisfaction and genuineness in the foods. Most importantly, they have guaranteed that foods at Bob Evans do not upset your body. So, you can blindly trust this brand and place your order. We totally love the policy followed by the catering division to appeal to people.

Curious to know what the meals contain? Move on to the next section.

Bob Evans catering menu with prices

Is your party scheduled for the morning? Are you running out of time to prepare cuisines? Head on to breakfast meal section of Bob Evans where you can find bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs, sandwiches, and oatmeal. However, if it is scheduled for the brunch, make sure that you do not miss out the box lunches that are overloaded with freshness, taste, and nutrients. You can also order accompaniments like salads, grilled meat, and burgers in addition to the regular meals.

The brand has vegetarian platters served throughout the day. So, you can order based on the choice of guests. If your party is set for the evening, Bob Evans lets you set the mood of the event with its amazing food lineup including fried steak, grilled chicken, slow roasted turkey, and smoked ham. You can also choose pies, pastries, and beverages at a moderate add-on cost.

Menu Item Price per person
Signature Breakfast $8.00
Classic Breakfast $5.00
Oatmeal (10 servings) $40.00
Boxed meals – whole wrap $9.00
Boxed meals – whole Deli sandwich $10.00
Slider buffet $8.00
Meat and cheese platter (10 servings) $40.00
Classic Entrees $9.00
Lemonade (1 gallon) $7.00
Yogurt bar $30.00
Cinnamon blossoms (10) $8.00
Baked potato bar $7.00

Though events are not just all about foods, what you serve during the event can influence the relationship you establish with your guest. When you cook at your place, it gives a special feeling to your guests as they feel valued and respected. On the other hand, when you choose a trusted brand like Bob Evans to serve meals that they like, this again gives an excellent experience.

It is this experience that can prolong the event duration and encourage more friendly conversations. Similarly, it can help in building meaningful relationships that last forever. A happy stomach results in the accomplishment of the goal. If your party is organized to bring closeness between family members, choose the food vendor wisely so they can feel your love in it.

How to order

Having said the specialty of Bob Evans menu along with prices, it is the right time that you should know how to order and take your party plan to the next level.

As the brand works based on orders, you need to order in advance. There are several modes – dine in at the restaurant and pick up the order if the volume is less, online order and hotline order.

Feel free to ring up the local restaurant for catering orders and queries. There is a dedicated hotline number meant to take orders and fulfill them on phone. Alternatively, visit the site and choose from the list displayed.

Is it an official event that encourages you to have an e-mail conversation? Then write to for orders and you shall receive the response shortly.

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