TOP 9 Best Mixer Grinders in India for a Smart Kitchen

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Serving the guests on time is one of the most challenging things you may face being the cook of the day always. Apart from that, if you are a homemaker, a lot of things need to be taken care of every day. So, to make your cooking session effortless, getting a good mixer grinder is the best option.

Choosing the right one among the plethora of options can be daunting. Instead of getting perplexed with so many products available for sale, read this post to get a quick solution. I have come up with 9 best mixer grinders available in India that can meet your requirements easily.

As a chef, I will suggest products that will ease your burden in a jiffy. Scroll down to explore the products and choose one to make the guests happy with your flavorful cuisines. Regular cooking sessions will also be comfortable with this kitchen appliance. I am sure you will get the best mixer grinder for your kitchen, once you are done reading this post.

Best Mixer Grinders in India

1. Sujata Dynamix DX Mixer Grinder, 900W, 3 JarsBest Overall

Picking the right kitchen appliance to make your cooking process easier will not be a hassle any more when you choose Sujata 900 watt Mixer Grinder. The grinder might turn out to be an excellent one for your kitchen because of its efficient 900 watt motor.

This grinder comes with 3 different jars serving different purposes. For making your cooking session less time consuming, the product has separate jars for making idli batter, grinding spices, onions, ginger paste and more.

This mixer grinder can provide flawless performance for 90 minutes continuously. So, whether you want to prepare the batter for Dosa or Idli, for your kid, Sujata mixer grinder makes it easier for you.

With the stainless steel blades that are fitted perfectly with the jars, the product does impeccable grinding and gives the spices a fine dust. There is no chance of getting slipped with the force when you just switch it on to start the blending process with the sturdy handles.

It can withstand the load and mix and blend smoothly as the blades are balanced dynamically.

With the different speed adjusting feature, the product can give long lasting trouble-free performance. It provides fine dust for the majority of the spices like solid nutmeg or roasted cumin, adding flavor to your dishes.

The safer part of this product is, it has a self-locking system that can take the heavy load easily. You do not have to hold the cover tightly while blending the spices. It makes your job even easier and risk-free. With just one round of mixing, a smooth and tasty coriander and chilli chutney will complete your South Indian Idli-Dosa breakfast, for which these Best Pressure Cooker in India are also helpful.

One of the most beneficial features of Sujata mixer grinder is the vibration-free operation. No excessive noise or burning smell is ejected while blending the spices.


  • Multi jars to ease your cooking process
  • The product has sharp stainless steel blades
  • Power motor enables smooth functioning
  • Can easily handle heavy load


  • · Price can be a bit expensive
  • · It can eject burning smell

Bottom Line

The Sujata Juicer Mixer Grinder is a complete product for your kitchen. You can manage the hustle-bustle of your day easily when you can instantly make chutneys, dosa idli batter, pancake batters on this grinder. With separate jars and a self-aligning facility, this mixer grinder can meet every requirement related to cooking.

2. Lifelong Power Pro 500-Watt Mixer GrinderBest For Bachelors

If you are a bachelor and need a simple mixer grinder to ease your cooking process, this one is a good choice for you. Lifelong mixer grinder is a simple product with 500-watt power motor for simple meals.

We understand that it can be difficult for you to spend a lot of time while preparing meals within a hectic schedule. Lifelong grinder comes with 3 different jars serving various purposes. This relatively small grinder can accommodate batter, chutney or grinded spice for 3-4 people.

If you are sharing an apartment with your friends and looking for a small mixer grinder to meet your requirements, this can be useful. The durable jars that come with the product make it a good choice for the Indian household.

The product is filled with simple features like a knob with 3 speed control points, sturdy handles and stable base. It has a compact size that can be fitted in your small kitchen easily.

Standard sized jars make your cooking easy and effortless.


  • 3 different jars with stainless steel material
  • 500 watt motor will not consume more electricity
  • Comes with a safety lock
  • No overheating of the motor


  • It can make noises
  • Sometimes, food particles can be hard to remove

Bottom Line

This Lifelong Power Mixer Grinder comes with a standard wattage system and 3 different sizes jars. It can be helpful for preparing small meals in the rushing hours. With the convenient and sturdy handle and impeccable design, this product might suit your needs.

3. Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer GrinderBest Unique Design

In the market of home and kitchen appliances, Preethi is a well-known brand without doubt. When you get this Preethi mixer grinder home, you can prepare your meal just the way you want. 5 different jars with the product serve different cooking needs to make your cooking session hassle-free.

With the high power wattage system, you can make your favorite batter for breakfast, yummy chutneys in a jiffy. The high grinding is possible with this product because of the jar razor. 750-watt motor speed can also cut your vegetables and fruits easily.

The separate juicer with the product will squeeze out the juice from the fruits by eliminating the fibrous extracts from it. You can use it for blending coconut and extracting its milk, tamarind extraction and more.

The hard grinding is also easier with the dynamic stainless steel blades with the jar. The durability and efficiency of the product brings no shortcoming with the performance ever. The steel used is stainless and controls rust formation.

There is an indicator on the speed control area to show if the grinder is overloaded. An orange light will display if you have poured excessive ingredients on it. This can prevent accidents.


  • Sturdy handle and security lock
  • ABS body and unique design
  • Five different jars for blending accordingly
  • 750 watt motor speed for instant blending


  • Burning smell is a common feature with this product

Bottom Line

With security lock and strong handle, this product is easy to use with no risk of getting slipped. Moreover, it also comes in budget. Stainless steel will keep the jars safe by preventing rust from forming inside it. Speed controlling power is an added advantage of this mixer grinder.

4. Inalsa Jazz 550-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 JarsBest Hands Free Operation

To serve guests instantly a high-performing mixer grinder is what you need. When you wonder how to select the best mixer grinder in India, do not forget about Inalsa Appliances. The product comes with 550 watt motor to give you a decent speed for grinding spices.

Dynamic sturdy blades can easily break the spices and make that fine dust to enhance flavor in your food. There are three separate jars that you can use accordingly. The mixer has an easy to use knob so that you can control the speed. Prepare your food with freshly prepared ingredients when the Inalsa mixer grinder is at your kitchen.



  • Can be a bit noisy at times

Bottom Line

Preparing milkshakes and smoothies will no longer be a hassle once you add this to your kitchen appliances collection. The product durable jars for high performance. This can be your ultimate choice for the perfect freshly grinded coriander, cumin, cardamom and more. You can consider getting this product. .

5. Bajaj GX8 Mixer Grinder, 750W, 3 Jars

Bajaj is an old and reliable company for various electronic products. When it comes to kitchen appliances, Bajaj holds a good reputation in the market. If you choose Bajaj Mixer grinder, you can ensure an effortless cooking session. With a price that fits to your pocket perfectly, Bajaj grinder has a power supply of 750 watt.

The mixer grinder comes with three different jars and made up of stainless steel. Moreover, the product also has vacuum feet to make the operation easy and hassle-free. Self locking systems with sturdy handles are even better to fasten the job.

The product has standard power supply that can complete the blending process seamlessly. The multiple speed control facility might turn out to be a helpful feature for you.

The product also comes with a protector to control the overloading of spices in the blender. There is no risk of breaking down while blending the spices.

Bajaj grinder also helps to keep the authentic flavor intact to drool over. The product is handy, simple and also reasonable that you might consider.


  • Sturdy handle and protective feature enabled
  • 3 stainless steel jars
  • Speed controlling facility
  • 1 year of warranty


  • Might inject a burning smell while blending but it is not risky

Bottom Line

The product provides seamless blended masalas for you. Starting from coriander chutney dust of roasted coriander, you can get those instantly. The 750 watt power with speed control makes it easier and handy to use. The price suits comfortably with your pocket. You can take a look at the features and decide whether it would be a suitable one for you.

6. Panasonic AC MX-AC555 Mixer Grinder, 550W

Being a reputed brand, mixer grinder from Panasonic can also be considered as a standard product. When you search for the best mixer grinder in India, you cannot miss Panasonic as a brand.

The product has a double locking facility to ensure 100% safety. This is an all-in-one product with 5 different jars of stainless steel. The blades are also dynamically edged with stainless steel material.

The additional advantage is the circuit breaker system in the product. The voltage fluctuation will never damage the mixer grinder. 5 different jars for separate blending like chutney jar, grinding jar, blender jar and also a juice extractor jar come with the product.

The product has a copper wound motor along with a monolith blade for ensuring a fine grinding and no lumps. 3 speed setting is also available with this Panasonic Mixer Grinder.

Ergonomic handles make it easier to use and keep it safe as well. The product is also expert in doing meat mincing, ice crushing, egg beating and more. To make your cooking session faster and effortless, this product can be a good choice. The product is good for maintaining safety.


  • 5 stainless steel jars of different size
  • Sturdy motor ensuring high speed
  • Fine dust and paste with speed control quality
  • Easy to beat eggs or mince meat


  • Motor noise can occur

Bottom Line

Panasonic mixer grinder has a speed controlling facility with 5 separate jars. The blending and grinding get easy with a sturdy handle and self locking system. The price is a bit high but this product can make your meals amazing. With 1 year of warranty this product might be very helpful in your cooking session.

7. Rico Mixer Grinder 1 Horsepower motor – 3 Unbreakable Jar

Optimum grip during the blending process is the ultimate thing that you must ensure while looking for the best mixer grinder in India. Rico mixer grinder is one such product that is designed with an anti-slip feature for excellent grip.

It comes with three different sized jars made up of stainless steel. The copper motor ensures a life-time rust free performance. Super sharp blades to give you that fine paste and dust with 1 Horsepower motor is the most desirable part of the product.

Japanese quick technology with speed control design takes only a few minutes to blend the hardest spices. Preparing meals will no longer be a hassle with a Rico mixer grinder.

Separate whipping options available to blend cream and prepare cake batter. The liquidizing jar can blend fruits and provide you with delicious and healthy smoothies instantly.

The stylish look and exotic design of the product will enhance the overall appeal of your kitchen. You can buy this affordable product and churn out your favorite dish without getting tired.


  • 3 separate stainless steel jars
  • Motor has the ability to keep the grinder runs-free
  • You can control the speed and ensure smooth blending
  • Separate juice extractor
  • Price is not very expensive
  • Comes with warranty


  • Might not be able to take a lot of load at once

Bottom Line

Rico mixer grinder has a copper motor with stainless steel jar to give you a good performance. It is easy to grip with anti-slippery sturdy handles. Anti-skid feet are one of the essential features to make the blending operations easy and hassle-free. Self-locking system is also available. The price is within your budget. The product might turn out to be a good choice for your kitchen.

8. Philips Viva Collection HL7701/00 Mixer Grinder, 750W, 4 Jars

When it comes to choosing a good brand for home appliances, Philips is one of the names that tops the list. The brand has gained consumers’ trust with high-quality products and Philips Mixer Grinder with 750W power is one of such products.

The product has attractive features and is also available at inexpensive prices. The Philips mixer grinder is made up of an ABS plastic body that is sturdy and unbreakable. The plastic body is also resistant to corrosion and lasts for long.

The performance of this motor of 750W is excellent with rotation of 11000 RPM. There is no problem with overloading because of its Auto Shut-off feature. The problem of overloading will never cause any damage to the product.

The 4 separate jars will serve every grinding need for cooking your meal. The jars are a juice extractor, chutney jar, middle jar and wet jar to serve different purposes. The product comes with a user-friendly control switch to create a speed that requires grinding each masala.

Four speed control settings with a tight knob makes the grinding process more skilful. You can consider getting Philips mixer grinder to seamlessly prepare meal that will make your family happy.


  • Standard 750 watt power to give you the speed you need
  • Smooth flow of the blades to ensure fine dust
  • Four different sized jars
  • Speed controlling feature
  • Comes with 2 years warranty


  • Can create noise sometimes

9. Sujata Powermatic Plus 900-Watt Juicer Mixer cum Grinder

With excellent build features, Sujata Powermatic Juicer Mixer cum Grinder is regarded as one of the best mixer grinders in India. There are some exclusive features that this mixer grinder has that can compel you to buy the product.

The product comes with a powerful 900-matt that can run at least 90 minutes at a stretch. The speed is 22000 RPM that can provide seamless blended masalas to make your curry yummy.

The powerful motor is best to grind, grate, slice, mince and more efficiently and effortlessly at the same time. The efficiency and durability of the product are ensured by the double bell bearings feature. You can perform blending with any hard spice without worrying about the motor.

The blades are dynamically aligned and are totally robust for a smooth blending. Moreover, the juicer attachment that comes with the product is totally unique for its honeycomb filter mesh. This feature removes the fibrous substances of the fruits and prepares more delicious juices and smoothies for your kids.

There are three different speed setting options in the Sujata mixer grinder. You can decide the speed as the requirement of your dishes. A quick and effortless meal preparation would need a mixer grinder like Sujata Powermatric.


  • Sturdy motor with 900 watt power supply
  • · Seamless juicing option
  • · Sturdy handles
  • · Warranty of 1 year


  • · Can be a bit noisy sometimes

Bottom Line

With its unique double bell bearing feature, you get a hassle-free performance with Sujata Powermatric. The product has superior juicer to eliminate the fibers and give a smoothie that your kids will love to drink. Guaranteed durability and efficiency with the product. The price is also affordable along with 1 year of warranty.

How to Pick a Good Mixer Grinder within Your Budget

Spending the entire day in the kitchen to prepare meals is not an easy task. Additionally, as a homemaker, meeting different cooking meals for various members of the family is also a hassle. Working women or men need to multitask and thus the help of modern kitchen appliances is a must and no longer a luxury.

Why Do You Need a Mixer Grinder?

One of the common trends among Indians is to taste a bit of red chilli ‘chutneys’ while biting the samosas, Peas-Club kachori, etc. Grinders are an added benefit for grinding the red chillies and corianders with few leaves of mint- A lip smacking combination! Apart from avoiding the risk of the chilli dust or seeds entering the eyes and nose, a grinder takes less time and effort to turn the chillies into smooth and yummy chutney.

As a professional Indian chef, I often tried my hands on Indian dishes. Earlier I was skeptical about u

sing mixer grinders. I always thought that it would not be a good option for my cuisines as it can hamper the quality of the food that I cook. It took a while to break my misconception.

After joining the kitchen-floor, I realized why the best mixer grinder in India is the only replacement of traditional mortar and pestle. Serving the guests on time was the only challenge that I faced as a chef. It goes without saying that a mixer grinder worked as a best friend at that time.

Since, maximum people prefer an effortless tool that pastes spices, chillies, etc. easily, it’s worth browsing through the best mixer grinder in India available for sale.  Also, in this busy and hectic life, you need some quick solutions to prepare your meal and make it tasty.

Hence, the necessity of a mixer grinder is inevitable and every Indian household now needs it. I would like to provide some basic tips and guide you to the process of getting the best mixer grinder in India. These tips will help you choose a product that serves every cooking need.

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Mixer Grinder?

You might have set a budget for the mixer grinder you wish to buy. However, you need to be very specific and clear about certain things when you make the final call. You need to concentrate on some essential things while checking the list of the mixer grinders available in India.


Measure the watts before selecting a mixer grinder. It is essential to understand how much power the product will consume. Also, you should make up your mind about the usage of the product. If you need the mixer only for grinding spices like ginger, onion, garlic etc, a 450-watt mixer is helpful for you.

But, if you want to make your meals effortlessly by preparing dosa or idli batter, mincing meat, beating eggs and more, go for a mixer with 750 watt power.

Whatever choice you make, you need to keep in mind that a higher watt of a product will consume more electricity. The product will be noisy at the same time. But, that can be controlled if you avoid getting overloaded with the spices and other ingredients.

Availability of Jars:

The number of jars with the product is also important for you to consider. The best mixer grinder must have multiple jars to serve different cooking needs. More jars mean more comfort with the product to use.

The involved tasks with a mixer grinder like blending, or grinding wet and dry masalas, making chutneys will be easier with multiple jars. Make sure the product you choose has 3 to 4 jars of various sizes. A juice extractor with the product is also a plus point when you wish to buy the a mixer grinder in India.

For accomplishing your grinding tasks really fast and quick, go for a product that offers at least 3 to 4 jars with it.

However, more or less every product comes with at least 3 jars. So, it will not be a hassle for you to find a suitable product for your kitchen.

Self-lock Feature:

This is a must-have feature of every mixer grinder that you consider. This feature ensures that the motor does not start until you place the jar properly. The jar should be locked with the mixer to prevent any accident during the cooking session.

The mixer grinder self lock feature will also ensure a hands-free operation. It is a very important one that you should not miss while buying the product. If you get one with auto-operative feature, then easily you can grind the spices without splitting the particles on your kitchen slabs.

Protection from Overload:

It is also an essential security feature of the mixer grinder that you must think about. There have been a number of instances of burning of mixer grinder due to overload. This feature will prevent this from happening.

The overload protection feature will automatically stop the motor and save the motor from any damage. While making a purchase, make sure this feature is present in the mixer grinder.

Material of the Jars:

Formation of rust inside the jars is a common problem that every customer faces after buying a mixer grinder. With time, the performance gets affected with rust-filled jars. The rust-filling jars will affect the quality of the spices. Sometimes, it would not be possible to wash away the whole food particles from the jars if rust forms in it.

I have suggested the mixer grinders that offer stainless steel jars to ensure no rust-formation with time. If you choose one from the above-discussed products, you will get stainless steel jars with the mixer grinder.

Types of the Blades

The best mixer grinder in India comes with different types of blades for various tasks. Each blade of the jars has a particular purpose. To ensure durability, make sure the blades are also made up of stainless steel.

The blades should be corrosion resistant and enough robust to perform food processing flawlessly. The common types of blades that come with a good mixer grinder are as follows:

  • üChutney grinding blade- You can make coriander and mint chutney, spicy tamarind chutney and more with this blade.
  • üBlades for dry grinding- Making masala and rice powder will be easier with such blades.
  • üWet grinding blade- Making pastes like onion, garlic, ginger or any vegetable, these blades are a must.
  • üShredding and slicing disc- shredding and slicing cheese, vegetables and fruits can be done with these blades.

You can take a mixer grinder that is all-in-one to serve every cooking need. Blades are the vital parts that cannot be overlooked in any way.

Anti –Skid Feature:

Placing the mixer grinder on your kitchen slab is also important. If the mixer skids during the grinding session, it can create a mess instantly. The product should come with vacuum foot cups that can get fixed on the ground.

This feature will make sure that no accident spilling takes place during the grinding session. The motor inside the mixer grinder also remains safe with this feature.


You should also make sure that the noise is limited to the mixer grinder that you choose. Test it before making the purchase. Generally, mixer grinders make noise and that is not unusual. But, it should be as minimal as possible.

If you notice that the noise that is ejected from the grinder is unbearable, there is something wrong with the product. Consider exchanging it if such a problem occurs.


Consider the materials of jars, blades and central unit. The central unit should be made up of plastic and the jars and blades should be of stainless steel. Ensure these materials of the mixer grinder that you buy for trouble-free and durable performance.

Frequently Asked Questions While Buying Best Mixer Grinders in India

Customers often get perplexed while choosing the best mixer grinder in India. They often come up with some simple questions. Read on to know the answers to those common yet necessary questions.

  • How finely a mixer grinder can grind the masalas?

A mixer grinder with speed adjustable facility and high watt will make the grinding session fast and instant.

The finely sharpened stainless steel blades will make the spices finely grinded and dusted. For grinding hard nuts and spices, you should go for higher watts.

  • What are the benefits of using a mixer?

Just like me, many other customers also have the similar concept that a mortar and pestle can grind more perfectly and maintain the authentic quality of the spices. But, it is not always right.

A traditional mortar and pestle will take a lot of time and effort to grind the masalas into fine dust. The job can be done by the mixer grinder in just a few minutes. Additionally, the authentic flavor of the spices will remain intact too. This kitchen appliance will be the most helpful one for your effortless cooking session.

Saving a lot of time with a mixer grinder is easy. Do not give it a second thought if you wish to buy the best mixer grinder in India.

  • Is it necessary to hold the upper lid while grinding?

No, it is not always necessary to hold the upper grip while blending the spices. The mixer grinders with a self-locking system will allow you to do so. But, make sure that it is not overloaded with the spices.

When you start the motor, the self-locking system will keep the cover intact so that the spices don’t spill out of the jar.

  • What to do with the burning smell that comes out while grinding?

It is usual to get a smoky or burning smell while grinding the spices. If you use a mixer grinder for the first time, you can find it abnormal. But, with time you will be used to it. There is nothing to be worried about. However, if the burning smell is too high, then you must check the motor to know whether there is any defect in the machine.

  • Is the noise coming out the grinder normal?

Yes, the grinder will make noise when you increase the speed of the motor. There is nothing unusual when the grinder ejects extreme noise. The higher the speed of the motor, the higher the noise will be.

But, if the noise is extreme, you can take few steps to reduce it:

  • Use a rubber mat and place the mixer on it.
  • Make sure the grinder makes little noise while purchasing the product.
  • Keep the machine distant from the wall.

 Can I use the grinder to make juices?

There are many mixer grinders that come with juicer extract and separate jar for it. You can use it to make juices and smoothies. This is an easy and beneficial process as you can prepare the juices instantly with just one or two rounds of blending.

Things You Must Avoid Doing in a Mixer Grinder

No matter what mixer grinder you purchase, there are always some points that you should keep in mind while using the machine. Here is the checklist to follow:

  • üDo not overload the jar with anything
  • üDo not run the motor for long. Turn it on for a few seconds, give a pause and again start the second round.
  • üDo not keep the jars unclean. After grinding, make sure to wash the jars to let the smell and particles of the spices go away.
  • üDo not use it for prolonged time. If you need to grind a lot of spices to prepare a huge meal, make sure to take intervals in between.

These small maintenance steps will allow your grinder to provide you with trouble-free performances for long. Ensure the durability of the product by following these simple steps.

The Best Brands That You Might Consider

The products that I have listed above are all good to serve your cooking needs. However, if you ask me about my brand preferences, I would like you to suggest three brands that are my favorite. These brands have provided me with the perfect product that I had always wanted.

üBajaj- This is a famous name in the Indian market. It goes without saying that the quality of the products that Bajaj manufactures is impeccable. The mixer grinder that I used from this brand gave me immense satisfaction. Finely dusted and grind masalas help me prepare awesome cuisines in a jiffy.

üPhilips- This is a famous technology brand worldwide. I found that placing my trust in this company was a wise decision. The machine worked seamlessly for many years and gave me no trouble at all.

However, when you try to buy a product, you can go by your choice by inspecting every single feature of it.

The Final Thought

If you have cleared your doubts about the best mixer grinder in India, it is the time now to take the purchase decision. Check out the prices of the products that are discussed in this article. The listed products are all of good quality and will last for long.

In these products, you will find excellent features along with top-notch designs. The fine quality of the products will give you the utmost comfort of cooking your regular as well as special meals. You will enjoy your cooking sessions once you bring a mixer grinder home. Do not delay and book a product now. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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